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Mighty Salts Manufacturers & Worldwide Distributor of Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps, Natural Salt Candle older,Pyramid Salt Lamps, Animal Figurines Salt Lamps,Diffuser Salt Lamps, Aroma Therapy Salt Lamps & Tea Lights,Edible Salts, Bath Salts,Animal Licking Salt Blocks, Salt Plates,Salt Slabs,Salt Lumps,Salt Pillows Massage Therapy Stones,Salt Tiles & Bricks for Sauna,Spa & Salt Cave Construction.

Mighty Salt products harness the proven therapeutic powers of mineral-rich pure Himalayan salt crystals. Our products work synergistically to support body mind, and spirit-from ionizing salt lamps to help us breathe better, to nutrient-rich organic skin care.

Minerals are essential for human life. Unrefined crystal salt is a rich source of trace nutrients in a form easily bioavailable to us. This has been recognized since the dawn of mankind. We choose Himalayan Salt Crystals exclusively for our fair trade salt crystal rock lamps, personal care and cooking essentials because it is the purest salt on earth. These deposits, created at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, were formed 250 million years ago in ancient oceans and are untouched by pollution.

Salt therapy helps us breathe well… Breathe in a cool salt breeze from the ocean, and you feel more relaxed, more alive. This is because the ocean’s salt air is highly charged with healthy negative ions that feed our cells. Salt lamps simulate the effects

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